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Parrot (Le Perroquet Indien. Psittacus Minimus). Creator: Johann Michael Seligmann.
The Little Black Bullfinch (Rubicilla minor nigra), probably 1743/1762. Creator: Johann Michael Seligmann.
Le vieux chat et la jeune Souris (The Old Catand the Young Mouse), published 1759. Creator: Johann Christoph Teucher.
La querelle des chiens et des chats et celle des chats et des souris (The Quarrel of Creator: Johann Christoph Teucher.
The Turaco Bird. Creator: Unknown.
The Alpine Vulture, 1793. Creator: Unknown.
Magical Print: the devil with a hidden silhouette of Napoleon, 19th century., 19th century. Creator: Anon.
The Repeal, or the Funeral of Miss Ame-Stamp, 1766., 1766. Creator: Anon.
The General Toast: Honor and Honesty, Love and Loyalty, Fitz and Good Company,..., October 20, 1786. Creator: Anon.
Laceing [sic] a Dandy, January 26, 1819., January 26, 1819. Creator: Anon.
The Barber's Shop, after 1803., after 1803. Creator: Anon.
Morning, or, A Man of Taste, 1802-11., 1802-11. Creator: Anon.
Billiards, after 1803., after 1803. Creator: Anon.
The Pope's Rear Guard or the Fright of the Reverend Father Corporal (Arrière ..., late 18th century. Creator: Anon.
The Two Are But One (Les deux ne font qu'un), late 18th century., late 18th century. Creator: Anon.
The Last Papal Assembly (La dernière assemblée papale), June 1796., June 1796. Creator: Anon.
It is Not Going Well For Us: A Member of Parliament Reading the News of the Frenc..., February 1798. Creator: Anon.
The Bombardment of All the Thrones of Europe and the Fall of the Tyrants for the Happi..., ca. 1792. Creator: Anon.
Robe à la Circassienne Garnie à la Chartres: la Coëffure de meme, Avec le Tableau des Eve..., 1770s. Creator: Anon.
L'Entrée au Musée, 1808., 1808. Creator: Anon.
Caricatures Anglaises: Monsieur Craque Perruquier et Mademoiselle Flore, afte..., after August 1800. Creator: Anon.
The Fashions of the Day - or Time Past and Time Present: The Year (1740) a Lady's Full..., ca. 1808. Creator: Anon.
View of Antwerp, 1572-94. Creators: Frans Hogenberg, Simon Novellanus.
The Commissioners, April 1, 1778. Creator: Matthew Darly.
General Jacko & his Rib, ca. 1820. Creator: John Cawse.
The Ninth of Thermidor, or the English Surprise..., 1795. Creator: Jean Baptiste Marie Louvion.
General Jacko & his Rib, January 20, 1800. Creator: John Cawse.
The Genius of Caricature, and his Friends, celebrating the completion of the Secon..., July 2, 1808. Creator: Unknown.
Palazzo Farnese at Caprarola, from Braun and Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum, 1572-94. Creators: Frans Hogenberg, Simon Novellanus.
L'homme et la couleuvre (Man and the Snake), published 1759. Creator: Benoit-Louis Prevost.
Le roi, le milan, et le chasseur (The King, the Kite, and the Hunter), published 1759. Creator: Benoit-Louis Prevost.
L'homme et la puce (The Man with Fleas), published 1756. Creator: Benoit-Louis Prevost.
Velvet Duck. Creator: Unknown.
Rook. Creator: Unknown.
L'ane et le chien (The Donkey and the Dog), published 1756. Creator: Michel Aubert.
The Stork (Ciconia Alba), published 1731/1738. Creator: Eleazar Albin.
The Stork (Ciconia Alba), published 1731/1738. Creator: Eleazar Albin.
A Long Minuet, 1787. Creator: Unknown.
Hints to Bad Horsemen, No. 1: Symptoms of Restiveness, May 10, 1781. Creator: Unknown.
Origin of the Gout, ca. 1810. Creator: Unknown.
Four Scenes: How to Ride Genteel & Agreeable Down Hill; How to be Run Away With; ..., 1787 or later. Creator: Unknown.
Fallen Rider, 1780-1820. Creator: Unknown.
A Rider Falls into Water, 1780-1820. Creator: Unknown.
Three Riders Fall from their Mounts, 1780-1820. Creator: Unknown.
The Easter Hunt at Epping Forest, Plate First, 1800-1820. Creator: Unknown.
The Easter Hunt at Epping Forest, Plate Second, ca. 1810. Creator: Unknown.
The Damnation of Obadiah (Tristram Shandy), 1800-20. Creator: Unknown.
The Siege of Namur by Captain Shandy and Corporal Trim (Tristram Shandy), 1800-20. Creator: Unknown.
The Overthrow of Dr. Slop (Tristram Shandy), 1800-20. Creator: Unknown.
Morning, or, the Man of Taste, 1802-11. Creator: Unknown.
Evening, or A Man of Feeling, 1802-11. Creator: Unknown.
A Hail Storm, 1800-1820. Creator: Unknown.
Phasianus Versicolor. Creator: William Home Lizars.
Phasianus Versicolor - Female. Creator: William Home Lizars.
The Guillemot and the Puffin of the Isle of Man, 1762. Creator: George Edwards.
Boney's Trial, Sentence, and Dying Speech, published 1815. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
Dressing for a Birthday, 1788. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
A Cart Race, 1788. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
Comfort in the Gout, 1785. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
First and Second Floor, published 1791. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.