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Roger de Rabutin, Comte de Bussy, n.d. Creator: Ange-Laurent de La Live de Jully.
View of Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli, 1792. Creator: Friedrich Wilhelm Gmelin.
Ber See von Albano bei Rom, 1796. Creator: Friedrich Wilhelm Gmelin.
Madame Schmidt (the Artist's Wife), 1753. Creator: Georg Friedrich Schmidt.
Near la Cava, from Suite de IV Vues Dessinées Dans le Roiaume de Naples, 1779. Creator: Jacob Philip Hackert.
Riding School and Horses, 1806. Creator: Johann Adolph Darnstedt.
Bacchanalian Scene with Allegorical Figures, n.d. Creator: Johann Wilhelm Bauer.
Aqueduct Below the Monastery of St. Bonaventura in Rome, plate ten from Die Römische..., 1810. Creator: Joseph Anton Koch.
The Struggle Between the Devil and St Francis of Assisi for the Soul of Guido da..., 1807/08. Creator: Joseph Anton Koch.
Ruins of the Palace of the Caesars, plate 18 from Die Römische Ansichten, 1810. Creator: Joseph Anton Koch.
Monastery of San Francesco di Civitella in the Sabine Mountains, 1810. Creator: Joseph Anton Koch.
Castle of Saint Stephan of Mezzo and Canturano, 1810. Creator: Joseph Anton Koch.
Woodland Path with a Coach, 1857. Creator: Karl Friedrich Schinkel.
Portrait of a Woman, n.d. Creator: Karl Koepping.
Villa Raphael, Rome, 1816. Creator: Ludwig Emil Grimm.
Gypsy Life, 1840. Creator: Ludwig Emil Grimm.
Rocca di Mezzo, 1832. Creator: Ludwig Richter.
Portrait of Sebastiano Resta, 1738. Creator: Arthur Pond.
La Balanceuse, n.d. Creator: Jacques Philippe Le Bas.
Troops Resting, 1720–25. Creator: Jean-Baptiste Pater.
A Riding-House, published 1780. Creator: Unknown.
Three Turkish Soldiers (Cavalrymen), c. 1520. Creator: Daniel Hopfer.
The Antique Gallery, plate ten from Les Soirées de Rome, n.d. Creator: Hubert Robert.
The Fallen Tree Trunk, n.d. Creator: Martin von Molitor.
A Musician with a Hermit, n.d. Creator: Moritz von Schwind.
Curly Headed Man with a Wry Mouth, 1630/80. Creator: Possibly Ferdinand Bol (Dutch, 1616-1680) .
Group of Figures, n.d. Creator: Unknown.
View of the Carmes de Caussées at Lyon, 1807. Creator: Unknown.
Animal Piece, n.d. Creator: Adam von Bartsch.
The Virgin Adoring the Infant Jesus, 1655. Creator: Bartolomeo Biscaino.
Begger, 1804. Creator: Carl Ludwig Buchhorn.
The Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine, n.d. Creator: Carlo Maratti.
Ruins of Frauenstein, 1810. Creator: Christian August Günter.
Symbolic Cage, 1760. Creator: Etienne Fessard.
View of the Weissenstein Near Cassel, 1880. Creator: Franz Ludwig Catel.
Silenus Reclining with Goats and Satyrs, n.d. Creator: Giovanni Battista Galestruzzi.
Saint Christopher, n.d. Creator: Guido Reni.
Woman at a Window, 1759. Creator: Jean Pierre Norblin.
Landscape with Old Gateway, 1779–97. Creator: Louis Gabriel Moreau.
Landscape with Classical Statue, 1779/97. Creator: Louis Gabriel Moreau.
St. Pierre, Caen, 1879. Creator: Axel Herman Haig.
The Tomb of a Bishop, 1540/45. Creator: Battista del Moro.
Aeneas, Venus, and Achates, n.d. Creator: Pietro Rotari.
Saint Mary Magdalene, 1728/31. Creator: Pietro Rotari.
Side Elevation and Perspective of Grand Ballroom, n.d. Creator: Domenico Cagnoni.
Saint John the Evangelist, n.d. Creator: Girolamo Scarsello.
Quadro di Camillo Procaccini, n.d. Creator: Giuseppe Camerata.
Cupid Punishing a Satyr, n.d. Creator: Jusepe de Ribera.
Rinaldo Leaving Armida, 1751-53. Creator: Lorenzo Tiepolo.
Adoration of the Magi, n.d. Creator: Sisto Badalocchio.
Rocky Landscape, 1645-50. Creator: Herman Naijwincx.
Landscape with a Man in a Boat, c.1645. Creator: Jan Brosterhuisen.
Old Woman Warming her Hands, 1883. Creator: Jozef Israels.
Plowing Oxen, n.d. Creator: Pieter Dupont.
Student at a Table by Candlelight, 1642/65. Creator: Salomon Savery.
Student at a Table by Candlelight, 1642/65. Creator: Salomon Savery.
Saint Jerome Listening to the Trumpet of the Last Judgment, 1622-25. Creator: Jusepe de Ribera.
Saint Peter in the Desert, 1621. Creator: Jusepe de Ribera.
The Poet, 1620-30. Creator: Jusepe de Ribera.
Nude Lying Down, c.1900. Creator: Charles Deering.