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Landscape near Nevers, 1871. Creator: Johan Barthold Jongkind.
'Aux morts pour la patrie; le premier francais tue a l'ennemi: Le caporal Andre Peugeot..., 1914. Creator: Unknown.
Saint-Parize-le-Chatel, 1869. Creator: Johan Barthold Jongkind.
Dole, France, n.d. Creator: David Roberts.
French soldiers, Froideterre, France, c1914-c1918. Artist: Unknown.
Injured soldiers at the first-aid post, Froideterre, Verdun, northern France, 1917. Artist: Unknown.
Central telephone post at Froideterre, Verdun, northern France, c1916. Artist: Unknown.
Roman Iron Agricultural Tools at Chatillon-Sur-Seine. France, c1st-2nd century. Artist: Unknown.
Bronze Roman Inkpots,at Chatillon-sur-Seine. France, c2nd-3rd century. Artist: Unknown.
Bronze Roman inkpots, 2nd century. Artist: Unknown
Landscape in Burgundy. Artist: Unknown
Roman iron-working tongs. Artist: Unknown
Roman bronze of the infant Bacchus. Artist: Unknown
Detail of the Krater of Vix, 6th century BC.
Massacre at Vassy, French Religious Wars, 1 March 1562 (1570). Creators: Jacques Tortorel, Jean Jacques Perrissin.