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''The Albany Club, Kingston-on-Thames', 1891. Creator: Edward Killingworth Johnson.
King's College London Sports Ground, Pavilion, New Malden, Kingston upon Thames, London, 2012 Creator: Simon Inglis.
Castle Street, Kingston upon Thames, London, 1939-1950. Creator: Healey and Baker.
''Kingston-On-Thames -The Market Place', 1890. Creator: Unknown.
Market Place, Kingston-upon-Thames, London, 1970s-1990s. Creator: Nicholas Anthony John Philpot.
The Coronation-Stone, at Kingston-Upon-Thames, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
Kingfisher Leisure Centre, Fairfield Road, Kingston upon Thames, London, 30/11/1983. Creator: John Laing plc.
'Edwy dragged by Dunstan from the presence of Elgiva', c1890. Creator: Unknown.
Russian sculptor Dora Gordine at work, Kingston Upon Thames, London, 1938-1939. Creator: Larkin Bros.
'Coronation Stone and Market-Place, Kingston-on-Thames', c1896. Artist: Frith & Co.
1937 Standard Twelve at the Standard Car Owners Club Gymkhana, Ace of Spades, Kingston Bypass, 1938. Artist: Bill Brunell.
'Coronation Stone, Kingston', 1911, (1914). Artist: James S Ogilvy.
'Lovekyn's Chapel, Kingston', c1905, (1914). Artist: James S Ogilvy.
'Kingston Bridge', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'Parkers Ferry, Surbiton', c1907. Artist: Unknown.
The market place, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, 1890. Artist: Unknown
Market Place, Kingston, Surrey, 1829.Artist: J Fisher
Norbiton House, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, 1829.Artist: R Winkles
Kingston upon Thames Bridge, London, 20th Century. Artist: Unknown
Coronation Stone, Kingston upon Thames, London, 20th Century. Artist: Unknown
Venues of coronations at various periods before and since Edward the Confessor, 1937.Artist: Henry Charles Brewer
Kingston Bridge, London, 1829.Artist: J Rogers
Kingston Town Hall, Surrey, 19th century.Artist: H Griffiths
Evonne Goolagong, Australian tennis player, 1970. Artist: Unknown
Consecration of a new Ner Tamid at Kingston Liberal Synagogue, 1985. Artist: Unknown
Weeton, 2 The Drive, Kingston Upon Thames, London, 1966-1975. Artist: John Gay
Parker's Ferry, Surbiton, 1909. Artist: Unknown
WWI veterans from Surbiton, 1934. Artist: Unknown
Odeon, High Street, Kingston upon Thames, London, c1933. Artist: J Maltby
Sculpture, London Road, Kingston Upon Thames, London, 1999. Artist: S Barker
Auditorium of the Odeon, Claremont Road, Surbiton, London, c1934. Artist: J Maltby