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An Indian Ladder - Nayas Indians, 1855/1869. Creator: George Catlin.
Infernal Rock, Chincha Islands, ca. 1870. Creator: Unknown.
'Elizabeth Bay, Sydney Harbour. N.S.W.', . Creator: Unknown.
'Cliff House and Seal Rocks, San Francisco', c1897. Creator: Unknown.
'Natural Bridge on the Coast near Santa Cruz, California', c1897. Creator: Unknown.
'Carmel Bay, California', c1897. Creator: Unknown.
'Sydney Heads, at the Gap at Watson's Bay, c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'A Charming View of the Picturesque Coastal Scenery of N.S.W., c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'The Tree and the Wave', 1910. Creator: Herbert Ponting.
Astronauts being recovered from the sea, Apollo 16 mission, 27 April 1972. Creator: NASA.
Earth from space - Mexico, c1980s. Creator: NASA.
Map of Manitoba and the North West, 1902.  Creator: Unknown.
Carmel Bay, California, USA, c1900.  Creator: Unknown.
Map of Oceania, 1902.  Creator: Unknown.
'A View of the Haven of Acapulco', c1768. Artist: Unknown.
Political map of the Japanese Empire, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown.
Map of the South Pacific Ocean. Artist: Unknown.
'U.S. Navy Plane Carrier at Anchor at Foot of Broadway. San Diego, California', c1941. Artist: Unknown.
'Sunset on the Pacific. La Jolla, California', c1941. Artist: Unknown.
'North Island. U.S. Naval Air Station. San Diego, California', c1941. Artist: Unknown.
Map of the Pacific Ocean, c1910s. Creator: Emery Walker Ltd.
'Sir Francis Drake - The First Englishman To See The Pacific', c1925. Artist: Arthur Percy Dixon.
'Episode in Captain Cook's Voyages', late 18th century. Artist: John Webber.
'A View of Botany Bay', 1789. Artist: Robert Clevely.
'Ships Attacked by Pirates', c1808. Artist: Unknown.
Pacific Entrance to Panama Canal Showing U. S. Submarines, c1920s. Artist: Unknown
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, c1920s. Artist: Unknown
Map of North America. Artist: Unknown
Earth from space, December 1992. Artist: Unknown
Pitcairn Island, Pacific Ocean, 1877. Artist: Unknown
Admiral George Anson in the 'Centurion' taking a Spanish galleon off the Philippines, 1743. Artist: Unknown
Indefatigable Island, Galapagos Archipelago, 1895. Artist: Unknown
The Apollo 15 capsule lands safely despite a parachute failure, Mid-Pacific Ocean, 1971.Artist: NASA
Cliff House and Seal Rocks, Golden Gate, California, USA, 1893.Artist: John L Stoddard
A lock on the Panama Canal, Panama, 1926. Artist: Unknown
United States Men-Of-War passing through a lock, Panama Canal, Panama, 1926. Artist: Unknown
'The Conquerors', Culebra Cut, Panama Canal, Panama, 1926. Artist: Unknown