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Langollen, from "Remarks on a Tour to North and South Wales, in the year 1797, September 1, 1799. Creator: John Hill.
Llangollin in the County of Denbigh, from the Turnpike Road Above the River Dee, 1776. Creator: Paul Sandby.
Valle Crucis Abbey , Llangollen, 1840. Creator: Frederick Henry Henshaw.
The Valley of Llangollen, North Wales, 1856. Creator: Thomas Creswick.
'View from Castle Dinas Bran', c1870.
'Llangollen Bridge', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'Plas Newydd', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'Llangollen Bridge, Castle Dinas Bran, on the River Dee: North Wales', 19th century.  Creator: Unknown.
'An Outdoor Scene of Women at Work', (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Llangollen and Crow Castle', c1896. Artist: Lettsome & Sons.
Llangollen and Crow Castle, c1900. Artist: Lettsome & Sons.
'Llangollen', c1778-1817. Artist: Julius Caesar Ibbetson.
Llangollen and castle, Denbighshire, north Wales, 1896. Artist: Unknown
Llangollen, Denbighshire, Wales, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
Horseshoe Falls on the River Dee, near Llangollen, Wales, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
Horse Shoe Falls, Llangollen, 1937. Artist: Unknown