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''The Recent Eisteddfod at Swansea; A Popular Soloist', 1891. Creator: John Robertson Reid.
Swansey, from "Remarks on a Tour to North and South Wales, in the year 1797", February 1, 1800. Creator: John Hill.
Penllergare; Penllergare, 1853-1856. Creator: James Knight.
The Landore Viaduct, near Swansea, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
The Terminus, at Swansea, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
Vase, Swansea, c. 1815. Creator: Swansea Potteries & Porcelain Factory.
143. Copper Ore Vessel, Swansea, 1846. Creator: Calvert Jones.
Cwm Donkin Park, Swansea, 1936. Creator: Unknown.
'North Dock, Swansea', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'Town Hall, Swansea', 1905. Creator: Unknown.
'Constructing a Dry Dock at Swansea', c1930. Creator: Unknown.
Swansea, c1830. Creator: Penry Williams.
'Swansea', c1896. Artist: Valentine & Sons.
'The married man in the army', 1915. Artist: Unknown.
'Dawn Breaks to find the city transfigured after a night of hell', 1941 (1942). Artist: Unknown.
'At Welsh National Eisteddfod, Swansea', 1926 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Storr's Rock, Lady's Cove, evening', 1897. Artist: Alfred Sisley.
'Swansea from the west pier', 1820. Artist: George Orleans De La Motte
Swansea Castle, South Wales, 2010.
Swansea Castle, South Wales, 2010.
Auditorium of the Grand Theatre, Swansea, South Wales, 2010.
Grand Theatre, Swansea, South Wales, 2010.
Grand Theatre, Swansea, South Wales, 2010.
A petrochemical plant towering over residential housing, Baglan Bay, Wales, 1975. Artist: Michael Walters
Oystermouth Castle, near Swansea, Wales, 1924-1926.Artist: FC Varley
The Landore Siemens' steel works, c1880. Artist: Unknown
Blast furnaces, South Wales, 1885. Artist: Unknown