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''A Visit to the Island of St. Helena; "Longwood," The House where Napoleon Died', 1890. Creator: Unknown.
''A Visit to the Island of St. Helena; "Rosemary Hall" -- Residence of the Exiled Zulu Chiefs', 1890 Creator: Unknown.
''A Visit to the Island of St. Helena; Jamestown, from the Side Path, Looking North',1890. Creator: Unknown.
''A Visit to the Island of St. Helena; Napoleon's Tomb', 1890. Creator: Unknown.
''A Visit to the Island of St. Helena; Ladder Hill, on which is situated the Garrison and Signal Sta Creator: Unknown.
Sandy Bay Valley, St. Helena, n.d. Creator: Daniel Havell.
Napoleon's tomb with a hidden silhouette, 1838-93. Creator: Francois-Charles Oberthür.
'Napoleon Bonaparte', 1816, (1921).  Creator: Unknown.
'The Island of St. Helena', 1816. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoleon at St. Helena', c1815, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
Longwood, Napoleon's Residence at St. Helena', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Vue de Jam's Town', c19th century. Artist: Unknown.
'Ravins Volcaniques et Montagne de Cendre', c19th century. Artist: Unknown.
'Napoleon's House, Longwood, St. Helena', c1940. Artist: Unknown.
Jacob's Ladder leading to Munden's Battery, Jamestown, Saint Helena, c1890. Artist: Unknown
British shipping off St Helena, 1817. Artist: Unknown
Napoleon I, Emperor of France, in exile. Artist: Unknown
Photographic representation of the death of Napoleon on St Helena. Artist: Unknown
'The Death of Napoleon the Great',  5 May 1821, 1825. Artist: Unknown
'The Island of Ascension', c1880. Artist: Unknown
St Helena, c1875. Artist: Unknown
Napoleon at St Helena, 1886. Artist: Unknown
'St Helena, in Napoleon's Time', 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
Notice of the arrival of Boer prisoners of war on the 'Milwaukee', St Helena, 5th April 1900. Artist: Unknown
The Roads, St Helena, 1815. Artist: Robert Havell
Napoleon Bonaparte's tomb, island of St Helena, 1824.Artist: James Duffield Harding
Longwood, St Helena, Africa, 1841. Artist: Unknown
'The Ghost of Napoleon on St Helena', c1825. Artist: Unknown
Napoleon's funeral cortege, St Helena, 1821 (1826). Artist: Anon
The Briars, St Helena, early 19th century (1851). Artist: Unknown
Napoleon arriving on St Helena, 1815. Artist: Anon
Napoleon on his Deathbed, May 1821. Creator: Émile Jean-Horace Vernet.
'Napoleon on St Helena', 1815-1821 (1826). Artist: Anon