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Italian Girls with Tomatoes in Baskets; Fruit Bearers from Amalfi, 1878-79, 1878-1879. Creator: Kristian Zahrtmann.
The Coast of Amalfi, Italy. Creator: Viet Chu.
Convento di Amalfi Tunnel, Italy. Creator: Viet Chu.
The Serenity of Amalfi, Italy. Creator: Viet Chu.
Amalfi Sunset (Italy). Creator: Viet Chu.
View of a Bay from a Hillside (Amalfi), 1884/1885. Creator: Edward Lear.
Capo Sant'Angelo, Amalfi, c. 1885. Creator: Edward Lear.
Courtyard, Capucine Monastery, Amalfi, 1898. Creator: Cass Gilbert.
Amalfi, Cathedral, 1853. Creator: Firmin-Eugène Le Dien.
Amalfi, Cathedral, 1853. Creator: Firmin-Eugène Le Dien.
View at Amalfi, Bay of Salerno, 1857. Creator: George Loring Brown.
Wood Carrier, near Amalfi (from Cropsey Album), 1878. Creator: George Snell.
'Capuchin convent (hotel) and cliffs at Amalfi (W.), Italy', c1909. Creator: Unknown.
'Amalfi and the sea, east from the Capuchin convent, Italy', c1909. Creator: Unknown.
View of Amalfi, Italy, 1927. Artist: Eugen Poppel.
'Amalfi - Visione Panoramica', c1910.  Artist: Unknown.
'Amalfi - Panorama', c1910.  Artist: Unknown.
'Amalfi', 1921. Artist: Mary McCrossan.
Evening Shadows, Amalfi, c1887-1906, (1906-7). Artist: Walter J Donne
The Cappuccino, Amalfi, (1903). Artist: Ernest Arthur Rowe
Amalfi, Italy, 1879. Artist: Charles Barbant
'Am Amalfi Mai', 1831, by the German classical composer Felix Mendelssohn.  Artist: Felix Mendelssohn