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''Porch of the Ikuta Temple, Kobe, Japan', 1891. Creator: Charles Edwin Fripp.
''Entrance to the Great Shinto Temple at Kobe, Japan', 1891. Creator: Charles Edwin Fripp.
A tea plantation outside the town, Kobe, Japan, 1895. Creator: Unknown.
'Theatre Street of Kobe', c1900. Artist: Unknown.
Looking south-east from the pine crowned heights of Suwa-yama over Kobe, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
A street performer with a monkey amusing the crowd, Kobe, Japan, 1896.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
Playing cards, Kobe, Japan. Artist: Unknown
Japanese music: women playing Koto and Samisen, Kobe, Japan. Artist: Unknown
Women in palanquins visiting the Mayasan (Moon Temple), Kobe, Japan. Artist: Unknown
Railway line near Kobe, Japan, 1891. Artist: A Forsyth
Kobe town, Japan. Artist: Unknown
Suwayama Temple, Kobe, Japan. Artist: Unknown
German Club, Kobe, Japan. Artist: Unknown
Kobe town from Nunobiki, Japan. Artist: Unknown