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View of the city of Geneva seen from Lake Geneva, 1735-1805. Creator: Unknown.
'La Suisse fraternelle; le passage a Geneve des evacues des departements envahis; venant..., 1918. Creator: J Renand.
A View Across Lake Leman Towards Mont Blanc and Geneva, 1777-1778. Creator: Jens Juel.
Geneva from Schedel Weltchronik (Schedel’s World History), Plate 22 from Woodcuts..., 1929. Creator: Michael Wolgemut.
View of Saleve, near Geneva, 1834. Creator: Theodore Rousseau.
Geneva - Île Rousseau and Mont-Blanc, 1935. Creator: Unknown.
Geneva, from the City Flags series (N6) for Allen & Ginter Cigarettes Brands, 1887. Creator: Allen & Ginter.
'Lovely Geneva, Home of the League of Nations, Switzerland', c1930s. Creator: Unknown.
1967 Land Rover Security van in Geneva, Switzerland. Creator: Unknown.
Messerschmitt, at Geneva show 1958. Creator: Unknown.
Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, 1961 Geneva show. Creator: Unknown.
Alvis, Graber bodied at 1962 Geneva show. Creator: Unknown.
1956 Alvis TC108/G by Graber at Geneva show. Creator: Unknown.
'Geneva, Looking Towards The Lake', 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'John Calvin', c1540-1560, (1890).   Creator: Unknown.
'Geneva', c1830 (1915). Artist: Samuel Prout.
'Geneva', c1830 (1915). Artist: Samuel Prout.
'La Place du Molard, Geneva,' c1830. Artist: Richard Parkes Bonington.
Advertisement for the Second Swiss National Car and Bicycle Exposition, Geneva, 1906. Artist: Unknown.
'Les Paveurs de la Rue de Berne', 1878. Artist: Edouard Manet.
Geneva, Switzerland, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Michael Servetus, Spanish theologian and phycisian, (1511-1553) 1727. Artist: Unknown
Assassination of Elisabeth of Bavaria by Luigi Lucheni, 1898. Artist: Anon
Dr Roussell of Geneva giving a woman a direct blood transfusion from a volunteer, 1882. Artist: Unknown
Germany joins the League of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, September 1926. Artist: Unknown
'Meeting of the Arbitrators on the 'Alabama' claims at Geneva', 1871 (late 19th century). Artist: Unknown
Geneva, Switzerland, 1893.Artist: John L Stoddard
The Palace of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, 1926. Artist: Unknown
Geneva, Switzerland, 1926. Artist: Unknown
Calvin and the four syndics in the courtyard of the College of Geneva. Artist: Unknown
Meeting of the arbitrators on the Alabama Claims, Geneva, Switzerland, c1865-c1870. Artist: Unknown
Particle accelerator tunnel, Cern, Geneva, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
Particle accelerator, Cern, Geneva, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
Yankee Doodle, 1872. Artist: Joseph Swain