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Saint Charles Borromeo Entering the Town of Pavia: Design for a Wall Decoration, c.1604. Creator: Cesare Nebbia.
Revolt of Pavia, 1826. Creator: Auguste Raffet.
Ponte Ticino, Pavia, 1904. Creator: Donald Shaw MacLaughlan.
Pavia, 1904. Creator: Donald Shaw MacLaughlan.
Pavia, 1904. Creator: Donald Shaw MacLaughlan.
King Charles VIII of France with the Dying Gian Galeazzo Sforza at Pavia, 1775-1860. Creator: Filippo Pelagio, Palagi.
The Entrance of Charlemagne into Pavia, 1840. Creator: Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld.
Francesco I d'Este, Wounded in Battle, Continues to Orchestrate the Seige of Pavia, from L..., 1659. Creator: Bartolomeo Fenice.
After a Few Days of Seige with the French Army, Francesco I d'Este Takes Prossession of Mo..., 1659. Creator: Bartolomeo Fenice.
Francesco I d'Este Suffers the Mortal Blow of a Bullet While Under Pavia and Retreats into..., 1659. Creator: Bartolomeo Fenice.
'The Siege of Pavia', 1796, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
The Siege and Battle of Pavia, 1525-1528. Artist: Unknown.
'The University, Pavia', 1902. Artist: Unknown.
Four topographical drawings, c1472-c1519 (1883). Artist: Leonardo da Vinci.
Battle of Montebello, 9 June 1800 (c1857). Artist: H Bibby
Facade, Church of the Certosa di Pavia (Charterhouse of Pavia) Lombardy, northern Italy, 1890. Artist: Unknown
Francis I of France besieging Pavia, Italy, 28th October 1524 (1882-1884).Artist: Frederic Lix
The death of the Prince d'Orange, Florence, Italy, 1530 (1882-1884).Artist: Frederic Lix
Revolt at Pavia, Italy 7 Prairial, Year 4 (May 1796).  Artist: Jacques Joseph Coiny
The Battle of Montebello and Casteggio, Italy, 20 Prairial, Year 8 (9 June 1800). Artist: Jean Duplessis-Bertaux
Certosa di Pavia or Charterhouse of Pavia, Lombardy, Italy, 19th century. Artist: Unknown