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''Auckland; Les Terres Du Pacifique', 1914. Creator: Unknown.
''An obstacle race in canoes, near Auckland, New Zealand', 1888. Creator: Unknown.
St. Paul's Church, New Zealand, 1845. Creator: Unknown.
'Auckland, from Mount Eden', late 19th-early 20th century.  Creator: Unknown.
'Albert Park, Auckland', . Creator: Unknown.
Panoramic view from the hills, Auckland, New Zealand, 1895.  Creator: Unknown.
'Auckland', 1923. Creator: Valentine & Sons Ltd.
'Auckland Harbour', 1924. Artist: Valentine & Sons.
'Auckland's chief business thoroughfare, Queen St., looking S., New Zealand', c1900. Artist: Unknown.
'Inspecting Guard of Honour, Auckland', 1927 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
View of the city of Auckland, New Zealand, with the new commercial embankment, 1860. Artist: Unknown
East view of Auckland, New Zealand, 1860.Artist: WH Sutcliffe
The Duke and Duchess mobbed by crowds in Auckland, 1927, (1937). Artist: Unknown
Auckland, New Zealand, c1880. Artist: Unknown
Harbour of Auckland, New Zealand, 1893.Artist: John L Stoddard
Auckland harbour, Aukland, North Island, New Zealand, 1886.Artist: Lancelot
Auckland from Mt Eden, New Zealand, 1899. Artist: Unknown
The port, Auckland, New Zealand, c1870-1880. Artist: Unknown
Nortons racing in Auckland, New Zealand. Artist: Unknown