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Generals Bonaparte and Augereau storm the bridge at Arcola, November 1796, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
'Bonaparte in Italy, 1796', (1896). Artist: Auguste Raffet.
'Bonaparte at Arcole', 1796, (1896). Artist: M Haider.
'Bonaparte at Arcole', 1797, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'General Bonaparte at Arcole, 17 November 1796', (c1797). Artist: Antoine-Jean Gros
'Napoleon Bonaparte on the Bridge at Arcole', 1797.  Artist: Antoine-Jean Gros
The Battle of Arcole, Italy, 15-17th November 1796 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
Napoleon at Arcola Bridge, 15 November 1796. Artist: Anon
'Crossing of Arcola Bridge', 15 November 1796, (19th century) Artist: Unknown