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Entrance of cave Crypta Neapolitana (or Grotta di Posillipo) on the coast of Pozzuoli, 1778. Creator: Louis Ducros.
View of the promontory of Posillipo with ancient palace..., 1778. Creator: Louis Ducros.
The Grotto of Posillipo at Naples, 1826. Creator: Antonie Sminck Pitloo.
Posillipo Cave, between 1760 and 1761. Creators: Hubert Robert, Francois-Marius Granet.
View of the Remains of the Temple of Venus on the Isle of Nisida Close to Pouzzol on the G..., 1761. Creator: Noel Le Mire.
Vue de Pausilype Près de Naples, 1785. Creator: Robert Daudet.
Road Leading to the Grotto of Posillipo, 18th century. Creator: Claude Louis Chatelet.
Entrance to the Grotto of Posillipo, Naples, 1778-79. Creator: John Warwick Smith.
'Napoli - Panorama Dalla Tomba Di Virgilio', (Tomb of Virgil ), c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Posillipo', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
The Grotto of Posillipo near Naples, Italy, 19th century. Artist: J Poppel
Naples from the hill of Posillipo, Italy, 19th century. Artist: J Poppel
'Taverna at Posillipo', 1886. Artist: Vincenzo Migliaro