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The Lydian Plain near Sardis, Asia Minor (Turkey), 1878. Creator: Harald Jerichau.
Sketches of Patmos, Sardis, Obelisk of Heliopolis, n.d. Creator: Unknown.
Temple of Artemis, Sardis, 1843. Creator: Joseph Philibert Girault De Prangey.
Leaf from a Beatus Manuscript: the Angel of the Church of Sardis with Saint John, ca. 1180. Creator: Unknown.
'Ruins of the Temple of Cybele at Sardis', 1890. Creator: Unknown.
'Ruins of Sardis - Revelations. iii. 1.', c1924. Creators: James Clark, Henry A Harper.
The Roman Gymnasium, Sardis, Early 3rd century, Turkey, 20th century. Artist: CM Dixon.
The ruins of Sardis, Lydia, Turkey, c1890. Artist: Unknown
Armenians have their throats cut at Ak-Hissar, 1895. Artist: Unknown
Columns of the Temple of Cybele, Sardes (Sardis), Turkey, 1895. Artist: Unknown
Ancient stone heads, Mount Nemrut, Adiyaman, Turkey.
The city of Thyatira (Akhisar), Turkey, 19th century.Artist: Sam Fisher