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The Prince of Wales in the Terai: Tiffin in the Jungle...1876. Creator: C.R..
The Prince of Wales in the Terai: the camp fire after dinner...1876. Creator: Unknown.
The Prince of Wales in the Terai: Shooting a Bear...1876. Creator: Unknown.
The Prince of Wales in the Nepaul Terai: Colonel Sir Arthur Ellis...with a Tiger...1876. Creator: Unknown.
The Prince and his Comrades: Camp-Fire after Dinner in the Terai, 1876. Creator: Unknown.
'Death of Rollo Gillespie', c1891. Creator: James Grant.
'Map of Nepaul', c1891. Creator: James Grant.
'Sir David Ochterlony and the Ghoorka Messenger', c1891. Creator: James Grant.
View from Himalayas, 1850s. Creator: Unknown.
The Goddess Vasudhara Flanked by Kubera and a Fragmentary Durga , dated 1651. Creator: Unknown.
Pair of Manuscript Covers with Goddesses Set in a Foliate Landscape, 17th century. Creator: Unknown.
'Departure of Prince Siddhartha', 1920. Creator: Unknown.
Scenes in the Himalayas, 1931. Creator: Unknown.
'The Frightened Elephants Rushed Back Crashing Through The Forest', 1895, (1902). Artist: Stanley Llewellyn Wood.
'A Corner of the Durbar Square, Patan, Nepal', 1913. Artist: Unknown.
'The Camp below Jongsong La', c1903. Artist: Unknown.
Nepalese yantra painted on manuscript, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
The Prince of Wales on a tiger hunt during his visit to India, 1876 (1901).  Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
Temples facing the Royal Place, Katmandu, Nepal, 1895. Artist: Unknown
Temples at Patan, Nepal, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
Hanuman Gate of the Royal Palace, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1895.Artist: C Goutzwiller
King George V (1865-1936) having lunch after tiger hunting in Nepal, 1911 (1936). Artist: Unknown