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The Servant Inviting the Sick and the Poor to the Banquet, 1559. Creator: Dirck Volkertsen Coornhert.
Appuyez fort, ça fait rentrer la bosse..., 1838. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Mon cher je t'assure que je te..., 1845. Creator: Honore Daumier.
The Morbetto, between circa 1515 and circa 1516. Creator: Marcantonio Raimondi.
Extreme Unction, c1755. Creators: Marco Alvise Pitteri, Pietro Longhi.
Illustration to Act 1 of Heinrich von Kleist's 'The Broken Jug', 1877. Creator: Adolph Menzel.
Ayant eu la fâcheuse idée d'aller...en mer, 1852. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Çomme quoi la gymnastique forme les membres.., 1845. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Wounded Antiochus after His Fall Dictating His Will, 1738. Creator: Noël Hallé.
Christ Healing Lepers, between 1540 and 1563. Creator: Andrea Schiavone.
North-west front of the Asylum near Arlsey, Bedfordshire, for the insane poor of Hertford..., 1860. Creator: Unknown.
Cartoon from Puck, between 1880 and 1889. Creators: Joseph Keppler, Bernhard Gillam.
The Quack Doctor, after 1763. Creator: Pietro Longhi.
AI IMAGE - Portrait of Sigmund Freud, 1930s, (2023).  Creator: Heritage Images.
Distributing Alms. Creator: David Vinckboons.
Christ heals a lame man. Creator: Jan Philipsz van Bouckhorst.
The convalescent, 1884. Creator: Jenny Nystrom.
Enema, late 18th-early 19th century. Creator: Nicolas Lavreince.
King Adolf Fredrik (1710-1771) at Loka Brunn in 1762, mid-18th-early 19th century. Creator: Per Hillestrom.
By a Sickbed, 1870s. Creator: Anna Nordlander.
The Doctor Calls. Creator: Karl Aspelin.
Resignation, 1895. Creator: Carl Wilhelmson.
Reflection in Blue, 1887. Creator: Eva Fredrika Bonnier.
The Convalescent, 1867. Creator: Ferdinand Fagerlin.
AI IMAGE - A plague doctor, 17th century, (2023). Creator: Heritage Images.
AI IMAGE - A plague doctor, 17th century, (2023). Creator: Heritage Images.
The dentist, 1748-1798. Creator: Willem Joseph Laquy.
Woman with albinism covering her eyes, c.1675-c.1725.  Creator: Anon.
The third plague of Egypt, 1755-1779. Creator: Anon.
The first plague of Egypt, 1755-1779. Creator: Monogrammist BF.
The ninth plague in Egypt, 1755-1779. Creator: Monogrammist BF.
The tenth plague in Egypt, 1755-1779. Creator: Anon.
The sixth plague in Egypt, 1755-1779. Creator: Anon.
The seventh plague in Egypt, 1755-1779. Creator: Anon.
The bloodletting, 1776. Creator: Abraham Delfos.
Doctor visits a sick old woman in bed, 1771-1816. Creators: Wybrand Hendriks, Hendrik Schwegman.
Portrait of a sick girl lying in bed, 1800-1809. Creator: George Nikolaus Ritter.
Mother and daughter at a child's sickbed, 1862. Creator: Diederik Franciscus Jamin.
A Journey into the Herzegovina: Insurgent Hospital at Grahovo, 1876. Creator: C.R..
Hospital for Consumption, Torquay, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
Sick and Wounded embarking at Hong-Kong on board the Steamer "Canton", 1858. Creator: Unknown.
Doctor's Visit, 1750-1760. Creator: Elisabeth Geertruida Wassenbergh.
The Raising of Jairus' Daughter, 1830-1849.  Creator: Willem Hendrik Schmidt.
Portrait of the Three Patrons of the Leprozenhuis, Amsterdam, c.1668-c.1671. Creator: Ferdinand Bol.
Regents and Regentesses of the Lepers' Asylum, Amsterdam, 1834-35, 1834-1835. Creator: Jan Adam Kruseman.
The Sick Woman, c.1663-c.1666. Creator: Jan Steen.
The Anemic Lady', 1660-1678. Creator: Samuel van Hoogstraten.
'La Suisse hospitaliere; l'arrivee a Leysin, le 27 janvier 1916, des premiers prisonniers francais.. Creator: Unknown.
Asylum for the Temporary Reception of Insane Soldiers, at Fort Pitt, Chatham, 1857. Creator: Unknown.
'The London Hospital', c1900. Creator: Will B. Robinson.
'The Ashanti War of 1900: A Fight in the Forest', c1900. Creator: Marguerite Jacob.
The sick child, 1851. Creator: Adolph Tidemand.
Italian Marketplace with a Quack Dentist, 1651. Creator: Johannes Lingelbach.
Visiting the Sick, c.1646-c.1649. Creator: Michiel Sweerts.
The quack, 1650-1660. Creator: Jan Steen.
The quack, 1650-1679. Creator: Jan Steen.
The Quack, c.1619-c.1625. Creator: Anon.
Removing the Rocks in the Head', c.1550-c.1600. Creator: Unknown.
The foot operation, 1630-1647. Creator: Pieter Jansz. Quast.
Man with Urine Bottle in his Hand, c.1650-c.1674. Creator: Antonio Zanchi.