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The Crucifixion, 1506-1520. Creator: Lucas Cranach the Elder.
A Young Girl in Jutland Writing her Beloved's Name on a Misty Window, 1852. Creator: Christen Dalsgaard.
The Village Carpenter Bringing a Coffin for a Dead Child, 1857. Creator: Christen Dalsgaard.
Two Women Call on the Village Artist to See the Memorial Cross they Have Commissioned, 1873. Creator: Christen Dalsgaard.
The Artist's Family Making Music Together, 1728-1732. Creator: Balthasar Denner.
The Nathanson Family, 1818. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
Alcyone's Farewell to her Husband, from Ovid's Metamorphoses, Song XI, 1813. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
Alexander the Great on his Sickbed, 1806. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
From Ludvig Holberg's "Jean de France", Act 1, Scene 6, 1812. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
An Allegory of the Wise and the Foolish Virgins, 1570. Creator: Hans Ewouts.
A Country Dance in the Hedebo District, Zealand, 1855. Creator: Julius Exner.
The Plaster Cast Collection in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, 1843. Creator: Julius Exner.
Visiting Grandfather, 1853. Creator: Julius Exner.
Mother's Love, 1914. Creator: Othon Friesz.
The Composer Fini Henriques, 1894-1898. Creator: Vilhelm Hammershøi.
A Concert: The Artist's Children and their Playmates, 1887. Creator: Otto Haslund.
Evicted Tenants, 1892. Creator: Erik Henningsen.
A Funeral, 1883. Creator: Frants Henningsen.
Musical Group by Candlelight, 1623. Creator: Gerrit van Honthorst.
Dante. Prophets, Opus I, 1912. Creator: Jens Adolf Emil Jerichau.
A Wounded Danish Soldier, 1865. Creator: Elisabeth Baumann.
The Virgin Mary and Child, the Infant St. John and two angels, 1552. Creator: Melchior Lorck.
Homage to Benjamin Franklin, 1790-1799. Creator: Christian August Lorentzen.
Julestuen (The Christmas Party)...Holberg Gallery. Scenes from Ludvig Holberg's comedies, 1814. Creator: Christian August Lorentzen.
The Legend of the Danish Flag (the Dannebrog) Falling from the Heavens during the Battle..., 1809. Creator: Christian August Lorentzen.
The Maternity Ward, Act III, Scene 6; Holberg Gallery, 1810. Creator: Christian August Lorentzen.
The Painter Agnes Paulsen, the Artist's Sister, at her Easel, 1886. Creator: Julius Paulsen.
Young women. From left: Karen Bramsen; the artist's wife Esther, née Lange; Johanne Munch..., 1904. Creator: Julius Paulsen.
The Testament of Eudamidas, 1644-1648. Creator: Nicolas Poussin.
The Crypt in the Monastry of San Benedetto in Subiaco, Italy, 1843. Creator: Martinus Rorbye.
The Prison of Copenhagen, 1831. Creator: Martinus Rorbye.
The Feast of Herod. Salome Bringing the Head of St John the Baptist on a Charger, 1600-1699. Creator: Peter Paul Rubens.
The Judgement of Solomon, 1615-1618. Creator: Peter Paul Rubens.
Christ on the Cross, 1592-1633. Creator: Peter Paul Rubens.
A schoolroom with a reading boy, 1854-1917.
 Creator: Hans Smidth.
Midsummer's Eve. Sick People Asleep upon the Grave of St. Helena at Tisvilde, 1847. Creator: Jorgen Sonne.
Roman Peasants Going to Market, 1837. Creator: Jorgen Sonne.
Rural Scene, 1848. Creator: Jorgen Sonne.
Mother and Child, 1898-1899. Creator: Fritz Syberg.
At the China Repairer's, 1891. Creator: Wenzel Tornoe.
Homer, 1665-1668. Creator: Girolamo Troppa.
Mercury Killing Argus, 1651-1706. Creator: Girolamo Troppa.
Virgil, 1665-1668. Creator: Girolamo Troppa.
Julie and the nurse, 1874. Creator: Kristian Zahrtmann.
Lady Macbeth. Study, 1899. Creator: Kristian Zahrtmann.
''The Great Floods in Spain--The Town of Consuegra after the Inundations', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The Graphic, Front Cover Saturday, October 3, 1891', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The Harvest Home at the Philanthropic Home for Boys at Redhill 1891', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''Free Education--A Difficult Problem, drawn from life', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The English Football Team in South Africa--The Last match at Cape Town, 1891', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The Supposed New Tribe of Indians (Montagnais) in Labrador. ', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The Jubilee of Glenalmond College: General View of the Buildings.', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''"Tess of the D'Urbervilles", By Thomas Hardy; " 'you be going to marry him?' asked Marian" ', 1891 Creator: Hubert von Herkomer.
''The Cyclists' Sunday Dinner at Ripley; "The Anchor" at Ripley--The Cyclists Inn', 1891. Creator: Charles Joseph Staniland.
''The Cyclists' Sunday Dinner at Ripley; The Church at which the Cyclists' Service is held.', 1891. Creator: Charles Joseph Staniland.
''The Cyclists' Sunday Dinner at Ripley; The Clubs at Dinner.', 1891. Creator: Charles Joseph Staniland.
''The United States Army: Field Dress of the Officers and Men.', 1891. Creator: Rufus Fairchild  Zogbaum.
'Lord Randolph Churchill in South Africa; The Average Height of five of the Officers of the...',1891 Creator: Unknown.
''"Cheer Boys Cheer" -- An Emigrant Ship Leaving Harbour.', 1891. Creator: Charles William Wyllie.
''General Boulanger 1837-1891.', 1891. Creator: Unknown.