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Prize animals of the Smithfield Club Cattle Show, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
L'Oliviérade, 1876. Creator: Félicien Rops.
Paysage Brabançon, 1875. Creator: Félicien Rops.
The Sower, 19th century. Creator: Franz Kellerhoven.
The Grain Weighers, between circa 1610 and circa 1612. Creator: Jacques Callot.
A Thousand Grasses (Chigusa) (image 29 of 33), 1900. Creator: Kamisaka Sekka.
J'ai des Miots dans l'assemblée..., 1851. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Barbel Fishing, 1865. Creator: Francis Seymour Haden.
Single Leaf from the Arabic Version of Dioscorides' De materia medica, Rajab 621 AH/AD 1224. Creator: Unknown.
Coast near Villers, c1859. Creator: Constant Troyon.
Repose, 19th century. Creator: Constant Troyon.
The Approach of a Storm, c1872. Creator: Emile van Marcke de Lummen.
Early Morning, mid 19th century. Creator: Emile van Marcke de Lummen.
Cattle Drinking, 1851. Creator: Constant Troyon.
Krishna and the Cowherds, mid 19th century. Creator: Unknown.
Fishing Boats, 1836. Creator: Eugene Isabey.
Shepherds and cattle in a landscape, mid-17th century. Creator: Adam Pynacker.
Two Fishermen. Study, late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Michael Peter Ancher.
Dinnertime, between 1889 and 1891. Creator: Frank Meadow Sutcliffe.
Mending The Nets, 1890. Creator: Frank Meadow Sutcliffe.
July: Threshing, published 1599. Creator: Antonio Tempesta.
Costume Plate (Bauernmadchen aus Lachsen), 1876. Creators: Carl Emil Doepler, August Weger.
Bleaching Fields Beyond the Haarlem Woods, between circa 1611 and circa 1612. Creator: Claes Jansz Visscher.
On the Road towards Leiden, between circa 1611 and circa 1612. Creator: Claes Jansz Visscher.
''Indians mashing Turtle Eggs; The Fresh-water Turtle of the Amazons', 1875. Creator: Unknown.
Hellard's Patent Victoria Side-Delivery Reaping and Mowing Machine, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
'Windmill near Dorpat; The Baltic Provinces of Russia',1875. Creator: Unknown.
''Turtle Shooting; The Fresh-water Turtle of the Amazons', 1875. Creator: Unknown.
'A Kafir Kraal; A Few Words about Natal and Zululand', 1875. Creator: Unknown.
Fareham Institution Hall and Corn Exchange, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
''Indians Shooting Fish; The Fresh-water Turtle of the Amazons', 1875. Creator: Unknown.
Sebastopol geese at the Crystal Palace poultry show, 1860. Creator: Harrison Weir.
Prize Shorthorns at the Royal Agricultural Society's show, Canterbury, 1860. Creator: Harrison Weir.
The Gorge of Sallenches, Savoy, 1860. Creator: Jean Adolphe Beauce.
"The Harvest Moon", by E. Warren, from the exhibition of the New Water-colour Society, 1860. Creator: Horace Harral.
Newhaven Fisherman, c.1844. Creators: David Octavius Hill, Robert Adamson.
Illustration for Basedow's 'Elementary Work', 1770. Creator: Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki.
Great Scene of Fishing in the Bay, Mid-19th century. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Scattered Pines, Tone River, 1856. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Hoki Province: Ono, Distant View of Mount Daisen, 1853. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Inside a fisherman's cottage in Lapland, 1857. Creator: Johan Fredrik Hockert.
Hay-Cocks by Moonlight, 1885. Creator: Julia Beck.
Haymaking, 1880s. Creator: Nils Kreuger.
Sami Collecting Reindeer which have Been Shot, 1892. Creator: Johan Tiren.
Resting Cows. Motif from Öland, 1901. Creator: Nils Kreuger.
Sheep in a Dell, 1907. Creator: Nils Kreuger.
Summer Evening on the Beach at Skagen, 1884. Creator: Peder Severin Kroyer.
Shepherds in the Fields with Rainbow, 1885. Creator: Camille Pissarro.
Farmstead in Skåne, 1875. Creator: Anders Kallenberg.
Farmers and cattle in front of a cabin. Creator: Unknown.
Farm in Skåne, 1991. Creator: Erika Jonn.
Farmhands fetching Ice, 1927. Creator: Fritz Syberg.
Farmer from Nordingrå, 1917. Creator: Helmer Osslund.
French Peasant Girl. Souvenir de Picardie. Creator: Hugo Salmson.
Farmers eat in a kitchen. Creator: Isaac van Ostade.
Farmhouse. Creator: Jan August Hendrik Leys.
Clam-Pickers in Villerville. Creator: Wilhelm von Gegerfelt.
Interior of a Cowshed. Creator: Aelbert Cuyp.
Haymaking. Creator: Berndt Lindholm.
Stable interior. Creator: Govert Dircksz. Camphuysen.