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Picking worms from plants, Belmont girls farm, between c1910 and c1915. Creator: Bain News Service.
Worming, Belmont Farm for girls, between c1910 and c1915. Creator: Bain News Service.
At work on Mrs. Belmont's Farm for girls, between c1910 and c1915. Creator: Bain News Service.
Fisherman, South Carolina, c1925. Creator: Doris Ulmann.
The Return Home, 1830. Creator: Edward Calvert.
Green Landscape, 1886. Creator: George Inness.
Scene At Durham, An Idyll, 1882-85. Creator: George Inness.
A Pastoral, c1882-85. Creator: George Inness.
Return Of The Fishing Boats, √Čtretat, 1879. Creator: Giovanni Boldini.
Young Girl Guarding Her Sheep, c1860-62. Creator: Jean Francois Millet.
Flailing Turnip-Heads, East Bergholt, c1812-15. Creator: John Constable.
Two Figures Crossing A Wheatfield, 1839. Creator: John Martin.
Cottage, c1850. Creator: Lionel Constable.
The Morning Of Life, 1860-72. Creator: Samuel Palmer.
The Setting Sun, c1862. Creator: Samuel Palmer.
Christ And Disciples On The Sea Of Galilee, c1560s. Creator: Taddeo Zuccaro.
Saco Bay, 1896. Creator: Winslow Homer.
Farmyard Scene, c1872-74. Creator: Winslow Homer.
Times of Day/ Aurora, 1660. Creator: Jan de Visscher.
The Ford, 1672. Creator: Jan Siberechts.
A River with Fishermen, 1645. Creator: Salomon Ruysdael.
Daughter of the Coast Guard, 1881. Creator: Winslow Homer.
The Turner Gold Medal Prize Landscape, by F. Walton, 1864. Creator: Mason Jackson.
"The Woods in Autumn", by Henry Jutsum, in the Exhibition of the British Institution, 1864. Creator: Unknown.
Fish-rearing house at Twickenham, 1864. Creator: Unknown.
Illustrations of the Flood at Sheffield: drowned cattle at High Bank, on the River Don, 1864. Creator: Unknown.
Royal Butterfly, the property of Lieutenant-Colonel Towneley, 1864. Creator: Unknown.
Model of a fish-ladder for salmon to ascend milldams and weirs,...Inspector of Fisheries, 1864. Creator: Unknown.
"Grape Gathering near Naples", by A. De Curzon, in the Exhibition of Fine Arts at Paris, 1864.  Creator: Unknown.
Exhibition of the West of England Agricultural Society at Clifton, 1864. Creator: Unknown.
General view of the agricultural show at Battersea, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Sombrero, one of the Leeward Islands, in the Caribbean Sea, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Arrivals for the Horse Show at the Agricultural Hall, Islington, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Meeting of the Gloucestershire Agricultural Society, on the banks of the Severn...Tewkesbury, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Prize horses at the Horse Show in the Agricultural Hall, Islington, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Merino ram, lately exhibited at Dresden, 1865. Creator: Pearson.
Showyards of the Royal Agricultural Society of England at Plymouth, 1865. Creator: Richard Principal Leitch.
Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Plymouth: ...Showyard, Royal Agricultural Society, 1865 Creator: Unknown.
Pair of donkeys in harness exhibited by Miss Burdett Coutts...Agricultural Hall, Islington, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Foreign cattle on board the Batavier, London and Rotterdam steamer, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Landing foreign cattle at the British and Foreign Wharf, near the London Docks, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Inspection of foreign cattle at the Metropolitan Cattle Market, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Harvest-Home at Bywell, Northumberland, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
The Wiltshire Champion Coursing Meeting at Stonehenge, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Farmerettes, between c1915 and 1918. Creator: Bain News Service.
Porto [Puerto] Rico -- Raising tobacco under Cheese Cloth, between c1915 and c1920. Creator: Bain News Service.
Placing buntal straw in vinegar, between c1915 and c1920. Creator: Bain News Service.
S. Kh. Randrup's Factory in Omsk, 1909-1914. Creator: Unknown.
Osborn. Auburn (North America). 2 Lanzheronovskaia Street, Odessa. Zadovskaia Street..., 1900-1914. Creator: Unknown.
Nikolaevsk-on-Amur. Pressing fish, 1900. Creator: Unknown.
Nikolaevsk-on-Amur. Salting caviar, 1900. Creator: Unknown.
Nikolaevsk-on-Amur. Unloading fish from cages, 1900. Creator: Unknown.
Nikolaevsk-on-Amur. Fish trade on the city pier, 1900. Creator: Unknown.
Cattle breeding Podkovyrov, 1911. Creator: A. A. Antonov.
Strawberry plants on government farm, 1916. Creator: Curtis & Miller.
Farm Structures in the Ulus Kumys and a Ploughed Field on the Slope, 1913. Creator: GI Ivanov.
Cutting Through the Woods, 1913. Creator: GI Ivanov.
Shoria Men and Women Working on Cutting in the Woods, 1913. Creator: GI Ivanov.
Old Shoria Woman Collecting Wood; The Kumys Ulus, 1913. Creator: GI Ivanov.
Old Woman Collecting Wood, 1913. Creator: GI Ivanov.