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A Tinker, 1627-1650. Creator: Andries Dirksz Both.
The Gulf of Naples. Moonlight, 1820-1821. Creator: Johan Christian Dahl.
A fisherman shows his daughter a boat sailing away, 1854. Creator: Christen Dalsgaard.
A Gardener, 1735. Creator: Balthasar Denner.
A telegram, 1893. Creator: Julius Exner.
Visiting Grandfather, 1853. Creator: Julius Exner.
The Buildings of the Asiatic Company, seen from St. Annæ Street, Copenhagen, 1902. Creator: Vilhelm Hammershøi.
The Composer Fini Henriques, 1894-1898. Creator: Vilhelm Hammershøi.
The Harbour of Copenhagen seen from Kvæsthusgade, 1908. Creator: Vilhelm Hammershøi.
A Wounded Workman, 1895. Creator: Erik Henningsen.
Hojbro Plads, a Market Place in Copenhagen, 1844. Creator: Sally Henriques.
A Storm Brewing behind a Farmhouse in Zealand, 1791-1793. Creator: Jens Juel.
Engraver J.F. Clemens, 1775-1779. Creator: Jens Juel.
The Court Seal Engraver Ahron Jacobson, 1767. Creator: Jens Juel.
A Sardine Curing and Packing Establishment in Concarneau, 1879. Creator: Peder Severin Kroyer.
Fishermen at Skagen Beach, 1883. Creator: Peder Severin Kroyer.
Portrait of a fisherman from Hornbæk, 1875. Creator: Peder Severin Kroyer.
The Iron Foundry, Burmeister and Wain, 1885. Creator: Peder Severin Kroyer.
A Cowshed on a Farm at Vejby, Zealand, 1844. Creator: Johan Thomas Lundbye.
Evening Scene with Sheep on a Mound, 1845. Creator: Johan Thomas Lundbye.
Milking scene. Illustrating a poem by Christian Winther, 1841. Creator: Johan Thomas Lundbye.
Watering the Cattle on a Winter's Day, 1848. Creator: Johan Thomas Lundbye.
Tistedalen at Frederikshald in Norway, 1788. Creator: Erik Pauelsen.
The Painter Agnes Paulsen, the Artist's Sister, at her Easel, 1886. Creator: Julius Paulsen.
Cowshed on the Island of Saltholm, 1890. Creator: Theodor Esbern Philipsen.
Grazing Cows on the Island of Saltholm, 1892. Creator: Theodor Esbern Philipsen.
Long Shadows. Cattle on the Island of Saltholm, 1888-1892. Creator: Theodor Esbern Philipsen.
The Milking Place at Meilgård, 1884. Creator: Theodor Esbern Philipsen.
A Visit to a Cobbler's Workshop;A Visit to the Shoemaker's Shop, 1885. Creator: Laurits Andersen Ring.
Drain Diggers, 1885. Creator: Laurits Andersen Ring.
Greeks Working in the ruins of the Acropolis, 1835. Creator: Martinus Rorbye.
Market in Sora, 1893. Creator: Joakim Skovgaard.
A Country Grocer, 1909. Creator: Hans Smidth.
Fur market, 1860-1900. Creator: Hans Smidth.
House with manor house, 1818-1918. Creator: Hans Smidth.
Jutlandic Peasants Bound for Home along with their Horses, 1870. Creator: Jorgen Sonne.
Rural Scene, 1848. Creator: Jorgen Sonne.
A Rye Field near Svanninge, 1887. Creator: Fritz Syberg.
Harvest, 1887. Creator: Fritz Syberg.
At the China Repairer's, 1891. Creator: Wenzel Tornoe.
A Florentine Flower Seller, 1880. Creator: Kristian Zahrtmann.
''Fry's Pure Concentrated Cocoa', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''"Wallachian Rafts, Lower Danube" after Frank Brangwyn', 1891. Creator: Frank Brangwyn.
''The Graphic, Front Cover Saturday, October 10, 1891', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The S.S. "Teutonic" Fastest across the Atlantic Westwards and Eastwards', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The Newfoundland Cod Fishery; The Fishing-Fleet Leaving for the Banks', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The Newfoundland Cod Fishery; Fishing for Cod from a Doris or Flat-Bottomed Boat', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
'The Newfoundland Cod Fishery; The "Parks," or Moveable Enclosures, on Board the Fishing...', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The Newfoundland Cod Fishery; Salting the Fish in the Hold of the Brig', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
'The Newfoundland Cod Fishery; The Distribution of Dried Fish on the Quay at St. Malo...', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The Cattle Trade -- Landing Bullocks at Tangier, Morocco', 1891 Creator: George Denholm Armour.
'The Centenary of the Royal Veterinary College, Camden Town; Free Practice -- Sounding...', 1819. Creator: Unknown.
''The Eastern Question -- The Shipping in the Bosphorus off Galata', 1891. Creator: Frank Brangwyn.
''Sketches of Life on an Estancia in the Argentine Republic; work on the Pampas', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
'Sketches of Life on an Estancia in the Argentine Republic; Starting for a Drive over the...', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
'Sketches of Life on an Estancia in the Argentine Republic; Resting in the Verandah after...', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
'Christ Church Cathedral, New Zealand; Bishop Julius going up to lay the last brick...', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
'' The Spinster, after Edwin Long, R.A. ', 1891. Creator: Edwin Long.
'' Aground -- The Crew take to the Rigging', 1891. Creator: Frank Brangwyn.
'' The Naturalist, after Stacey Marks, R.A.', 1891. Creator: Henry Stacy Marks.