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Sophie remettez-vous, 1779. Creator: Nicolas de Launay.
Celebration at Florence of the First Italian National Festival, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
"The Spur in the Dish", by Mr. Bell Scott, 1861.  Creator: Unknown.
The Royal Dairy at Frogmore, near Windsor, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Figure of a nymph in the Royal Dairy, Windsor, by J. Thomas, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
New drinking-fountain in front of the Royal Exchange, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Curious drinking-cup formerly in the Strawberry-Hill collection, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
The Imperial Fetes at Paris: scene at the Esplanade des Invalides, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
The Installation of Lord Palmerston as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports: the banquet... 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Visit of the King of Prussia to the Emperor of the French at Compiegne: the Luncheon at... 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Banquet at the Fishmongers' Hall on Lord Mayor's Day, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Testimonial recently presented to Mr. Charles Melly, of Liverpool, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
"The Grapeseller". By J. Phillip, R.A., in Mr. Flatou's collection, 1861. Creator: E. Skill.
The Cat's Repast, 1778/79. Creator: Gilles-Antoine Demarteau.
Old Man with a Basket of Fruit and Vegetables, 18th century. Creator: Jacques Andre Portail.
The King Drinks, 1766. Creators: Jacques Claude Danzel, Baisiez.
Oriental Banquet Scene, 1795/96. Creators: Jean-Baptiste Hilair, Jean-Baptiste Hilaire.
Breakfast, 1895. Creator: Jean Francois Raffaelli.
The Lunch at Ferney, 1775. Creator: Louis Joseph Masquelier.
France-Champagne, 1889-91. Creator: Pierre Bonnard.
The monastery soup, 1838. Creator: Josef Danhauser the Younger.
Woman with a melon, 1933. Creator: Udo Weith.
Snacking girl, (1882?). Creator: Anton Romako.
The pumpkin patch, 1862. Creator: August von Pettenkofen.
Fish still life with lemon, 1921. Creator: Henri Victor Gabriel Le Fauconnier.
Still life with fish, 1921. Creator: Zsolnay László Mattyasovszky.
Still life with fruits and flowers, 1847. Creator: Rosalia Amon.
Still life with five bottles, 1884. Creator: Vincent van Gogh.
Tavern garden, 1904. Creator: Rudolf Bernt.
Venetian Kitchen Interior, c1600. Creator: Dirck de Vries.
The Health of the King, c1861. Creator: Florent Willems.
Cadet Days (Picnic), 1852. Creator: Francis Laurens Vinton.
Interior of a Tavern, 1867. Creator: Francois Bonvin.
The Marriage at Cana, 1766. Creator: Gaetano Gandolfi.
Dutch Interior, c1840. Creator: Jan August Hendrik Leys.
The Little Housekeeper, 1857. Creator: Pierre Edouard Frere.
Helping Herself, 1859. Creator: Pierre Edouard Frere.
Preparing Dinner, 1858. Creator: Pierre Edouard Frere.
Supper at Emmaus, 1530-1540. Creator: Unknown.
Wild Strawberries in a Wan Li Bowl, 1704. Creator: Adriaen Coorte.
Figures in a kitchen and storage room , 1643. Creators: David Teniers II, Jan Davidsz de Heem.
The Smoker, c1640. Creator: David Teniers II.
Tobacco Still Life, 1637. Creator: Willem Claesz. Heda.
Still Life with a Porcelain Vase, Silver-gilt Ewer, and Glasses, between c1643 and c1644. Creator: Willem Kalf.
Italian Tavern Scene, 1889. Creator: Adolph Menzel.
New drinking-fountain in Bishopsgate, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
The Revolution in Sicily - the Sicilians demolishing the Fort of Castellamare at Palermo..., 1860. Creator: Unknown.
Banquet given at the Crystal Palace by Sir Joseph and Lady Paxton, 1860. Creator: Smyth.
New drinking-fountain at Scarborough, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
Dining under difficulties - from a sketch by our special artist in China, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
The Wassail Bowl - drawn by John Gilbert, 1860. Creator: Smyth.
"Caught!", 1860. Creator: Unknown.
"A Merry Christmas!", 1860. Creator: Godwin.
Beurre d'Isigny, 1875. Creator: Félicien Rops.
Peasants' Feast, between 1546 and 1547. Creator: Sebald Beham.
Le jaune d'oeuf n'a pas été assez battu..., 1846. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Ah! Il est fraîs...Ah! Il est fraîs..., 1846. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Plus souvent que tu m'attraperas encore à satisfaire ta fantasie..., 1847. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Les Garçons en habit noir, 1855. Creator: Honore Daumier.
V'la, v'la l'coco! il est frais..., 1833. Creator: Honore Daumier.