The Supreme Court of Madras, 1860. Creator: Unknown.

The Supreme Court of Madras, 1860. Creator: Unknown.

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The Supreme Court of Madras, 1860. 'Our Engraving...shows the petty jurors in the box, the prisoner at the bar, and Sir A. Bittlestone, Puisne Judge, on the bench...We give a few particulars respecting the way of summoning and swearing-in of jurors...One set of grand jurors (consisting of gentlemen of the civil service, merchants, and gentlemen of independent means, Mohammedans and Hindoos), and three sets, twelve each, of petty jurors, are summoned by the Sheriff,...The Judge, on opening the session...delivers the calendar to the grand jurors, after they have been duly sworn - Christians on the Bible, Mohammedans on the Koran, and Hindoos on some leaves of a sacred plant called tolasee, and a few drops of water from the Ganges. A set of petty jurors, consisting of three Europeans and nine natives (three of whom must be able to speak and understand English), is then impanelled, and take their seats...the Clerk of the Crown...calls by name the prisoner to the bar, and reads aloud the charge of indictment, asking him whether he is guilty or not guilty. If the prisoner should answer in the affirmative he is at once sentenced; but if he plead "Not guilty" he is allowed to challenge the jury, who are then sworn in...and the case proceeds'. From "Illustrated London News", 1860.

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  1. Adam Bittleston: British-born, Indian: Judge

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