Group from Mr. Barker's picture, "The Relief of Lucknow", 1860. Creator: Unknown.

Group from Mr. Barker's picture, "The Relief of Lucknow", 1860. Creator: Unknown.

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Group from Mr. Barker's picture, "The Relief of Lucknow", 1860. Engraving of a painting, depicting '...that grand event, the meeting of Generals Havelock and Campbell beneath the walls of the rebel and now captured city...What attaches a peculiar and enduring value to this performance are the admirably truthful portraits of the heroes who took part in that memorable day, and which have all been prepared from materials obtained from actual sittings by Mr. Lundgren - amongst them those of Sir Cohn Campbell (now Lord Clyde), General Outram, General Mansfield, Sir Hope Grant, Brigadier Russell, and the officers of their respective staffs, and, as a hideous set-off, one of that double traitor, Maun Sing...We select an episode from this picture as a specimen of its varied contents and the artistic skill manifested in their treatment. It is that of a party of wounded on the extreme left of the picture, amongst whom is a brave soldier of the 23rd Regiment and a disabled camel, and behind them is a party of native soldiers quarrelling over their "loot" or plunder. Everybody who has seen anything of the Indian soldiery will recognise the truth of the last-mentioned incident'. From "Illustrated London News", 1860.

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  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. Thomas Jones Barker: British; English: Artist, painter
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  1. Egron Sellif Lundgren: Swedish: Artist, painter

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