Musical theories of Pythagoras, 1492. Creator: Unknown.

Musical theories of Pythagoras, 1492. Creator: Unknown.

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Musical theories of Pythagoras, 1492. Men playing musical instruments and making sounds. At top left, an anvil is struck with hammers. Top right: Pythagoras playing the musical scale on bells and on water-glasses. He has made a sort of xylophone using glasses filled with ever smaller amounts of water. Bottom left: Pythagoras' discovery of the dependence of the musical intervals on certain arithemtical ratios of lengths of strings at the same tension. Bottom right: Pythagoras and Philolaus experimenting with musical pipes. Illustration from "Theorica musicae" (Theory of music) by Franchino Gaffurio.

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  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. Pythagoras: Greek: Philosopher, mathematician
  2. Philolaus: Greek: Philosopher
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  1. Filippo Mantegazzi: Italian: Printer
  2. Franchinus Gaffurius: Italian: music theorist and composer

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