Messieurs, je viens offrir à votre journal..., 1844. Creator: Honore Daumier.

Messieurs, je viens offrir à votre journal..., 1844. Creator: Honore Daumier.

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Messieurs, je viens offrir à votre journal..., 1844. 'Messieurs, je viens offrir à votre journal, un roman-feuilleton qui, je crois, lui conviendra parfaitement! a pour titre Eloa, ou huit jours de bonheur première partie formera dix ou douze volumes....à la manière d'Eugène Sue!...'. - 'Pardon madame!...mais ceci me paraît effrayant!....à ce compte-là vos huit jours dureront trois ans!'. Female author: 'Gentlemen, I am offering your newspaper a serialised novel that I believe will suit it perfectly! ...The title is Eloa, or eight days of intimate happiness....the first part consists of ten or twelve volumes....written in the manner of Eugène Sue!...'. Editor: 'I'm sorry Madam!...but this sounds very worrying! this calculation your eight days will last at least three years!'. Satirical criticism of 'bluestockings': women with interests beyond housework and childcare. Female authors were often depicted as mannish and ugly - the implication being that their intellectual output was just as objectionable as their looks. From Les Bas-bleus, no. 6.

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  1. Honore Daumier, attributed to: French: Artist, caricaturist, sculptor

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