Dis donc Bichette...à quoi songes-tu donc..., 1844. Creator: Honore Daumier.

Dis donc Bichette...à quoi songes-tu donc..., 1844. Creator: Honore Daumier.

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Dis donc Bichette...à quoi songes-tu donc..., 1844. 'Dis donc Bichette...à quoi songes-tu donc de te promener comme ça la nuit?...est-ce que t'es somnambule, ou bien, est-ce que t'as la colique?...' - 'Non...je cherche un moyen neuf de tuer un mari...je ne me recouche pas que je n'ai trouvé mon moyen!...il me le faut pour terminer mon roman!...' - 'Saperlotte!...pourvu qu'elle ne l'essaye pas sur moi!...'. Husband: 'Heavens Bichette...what are you thinking of walking around like that at night?...are you sleepwalking, or do you have colic?...'. Wife: 'No ...I'm looking for a new way to kill a husband...I won't go back to bed until I find the perfect method!...I need it to finish my novel!...'. Husband: 'For goodness' sake!... as long as she doesn't try it on me!...'. Satirical criticism of 'bluestockings': women with interests beyond housework and childcare. Female authors were often depicted as mannish and ugly - the implication being that their intellectual output was just as objectionable as their looks. From Les Bas-bleus, no. 5.

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  1. Honore Daumier, attributed to: French: Artist, caricaturist, sculptor

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