Jeunesse d'Alcibiade, 1842. Creator: Honore Daumier.

Jeunesse d'Alcibiade, 1842. Creator: Honore Daumier.

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Jeunesse d'Alcibiade, 1842. The Youth of Alcibiades. Ce dandy rutilant auréolé de fleurs, Si crânement galbé dans sa prestance riche, Voulant faire un beau jour la queue à ses blaguers, Coupa celle de son caniche. (Pun on the French word 'queue' which can mean a queue or a tail). This shining dandy crowned with flowers, So pleased with his fancy appearance, Wanting to one day stand in line with those who mock him, has cut his poodle's tail. From L'Histoire ancienne.

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  1. Honore Daumier, attributed to: French: Artist, caricaturist, sculptor
  1. Alcibiades: Greek: Statesman, orator, general

  1. Lithograph

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Lifestyle & Leisure Fashion & Dress

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  1. 2-996-886
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