Searching for Rebel Santhals, 1856. Creator: Unknown.

Searching for Rebel Santhals, 1856.  Creator: Unknown.

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Searching for Rebel Santhals, 1856. 'In the Sketch representing the searching for Santhal rebels is a very fine elephant, the property of Mr. Charles Barnes, a gentleman well acquainted with the Santhals, their country and manners, and who was with us in all our wanderings and foraging parties. This elephant, besides being of great use as affording an excellent and an elevated position for viewing the country from, was employed by us in forcing open the doors and pushing over the huts of the Santhals wherever the presence of rebels was suspected. This elephant was in various engagements, and was several times wounded by Santhal arrows'. The Santhal rebellion took place in present-day Jharkhand and West Bengal,,and was an uprising by the Santhal people against both the British East India Company and the zamindari system. From "Illustrated London News", 1856.

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