Apollo 11 Crew During Training Exercise, 1969. Creator: NASA.

Apollo 11 Crew During Training Exercise, 1969. Creator: NASA.

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Apollo 11 Crew During Training Exercise, 1969. Two members of the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission participate in a simulation of deploying and using lunar tools on the surface of the Moon during a training exercise on April 22, 1969. Astronaut Buzz (Aldrin Jr. on left), lunar module pilot, uses a scoop and tongs to pick up a soil sample. Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong, Apollo 11 commander, holds a bag to receive the sample. In the background is a Lunar Module mockup.

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  1. NASA, attributed to: American:
  1. Neil Armstrong: American: Astronaut, aeronautical engineer, naval aviator, test pilot and university professor
  2. Buzz Aldrin: American: Astronaut

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