STS-72 Landing, Florida, USA, 1996. Creator: NASA.

STS-72 Landing, Florida, USA, 1996. Creator: NASA.

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STS-72 Landing, Florida, USA, 1996. The Space Shuttle orbiter Endeavour and its crew of six glide in to Runway 15 at Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility after spending nine days in space on the STS-72 mission, the first Shuttle flight of 1996. It is the eighth night landing of the Shuttle since the program began in 1981, but only the third night landing at KSC. Highlights of the mission were the retrieval of the Japanese Space Flyer Unit (SFU), the deployment and retrieval of NASA's Office of Aeronauts and Space Techology-Flyer (OAST-Flyer), and two Extravehicular Activities (EVAs) or spacewalks.

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