The Russian royal family, c1917, (c1920). Creator: Unknown.

The Russian royal family, c1917, (c1920). Creator: Unknown.

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The Russian royal family, c1917, (c1920). 'An Imperial Group in Russia shortly before the Revolution: the ex-Tsar Nicholas with his son and daughter and a party of Russian officers...The figures in the central group...left to right, are those of the Grand-Duchess Anastasia, the ex-Tsar's youngest daughter: General Count Grabbé (standing behind): the Grand-Duchess Olga, the ex-Tsar's eldest daughter; Nicholas II; the Grand-Duke Alexis (ex-Tsarevitch) : and the Grand-Duchesses Tatiana and Marie'. The Tsar and Tsarina, their five children, their doctor and three of their servants were executed by the Bolsheviks on 17 July 1918. From "The Great World War: A History", Volume VII, edited by Frank A Mumby. [The Gresham Publishing Company Ltd, London, c1920]

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  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. Tsarevich Alexis: Russian: Royalty, Tsarevich
  2. Tsar Nicholas II: Russian: Tsar of Russia
  3. Tsarina Alexandra: Russian: Tsarina
  4. Anastasia Nikolaevna: Russian: Duchess.princess
  5. Maria Nikolaevna: Russian: Duchess, princess
  6. Olga Nikolaevna: Russian: Duchess, aristocrat
  7. Tatiana Nikolaevna: Russian: Duchess, princess
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  1. Frank Arthur Mumby: : Author, writer, journalist, historian, editor
  2. Gresham Publishing Company: : Publishers, publisher

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