'Going to the Fair with it!...', 1837. Creator: John Doyle.

'Going to the Fair with it!...', 1837.  Creator: John Doyle.

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'Going to the Fair with it!. A Cant Phrase for doing any thing in an extravagant way - Known it is presumed to most persons', 1837. A boy balances on a pole labelled 'Irish Corporation Bill - Majority 80'. A fellow perfomer swallows a sword labelled 'Repeal'. On the ground are written the words 'Irish Tithes' and 'Appropriation Clause'. Satirical cartoon on British-Irish politics by 'H.B.' (John Doyle). [Thomas McLean, London, 1837]

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People Information

  1. John Doyle, attributed to: British; Irish: Artist, caricaturist, painter
  1. John Arthur Roebuck: British: Politician, MP
  2. Edward Smith-Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby: British: Peer, politician
  3. John Cam Hobhouse, Baron Broughton de Gyfford: British: Politician
  4. Duke of Wellington: British, Irish: General, commander of the British army, statesman, prime minister
  5. Lord John Russell: British: Politician, First Lord of the Treasury, prime minister
  6. Sir Robert Peel: British: Politician, Prime Minister
  7. Daniel O'Connell: Irish: Statesman, politician
  8. Henry Peter Brougham: British: Lord Chancellor, politician, social scientist, educationist
People Related
  1. Thomas McLean: British: Publisher and dealer
  2. Alfred Ducôte: : Artist, lithographer, printmaker, printer

  1. Lithograph

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  1. Caricature
  2. Satire

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Artistic Representations Caricatures

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History & Politics Politics Politicians

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