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'The Return to the Dove to the Ark', (1919). Creator: Unknown.

'The Return to the Dove to the Ark', (1919).  Creator: Unknown.

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'The Return to the Dove to the Ark', (1919). Scene from the First World War, 1914-1919: 'After a reconnaissance over the forts and field line of the Turks, the [British] seaplane is being taken in town by the cruiser's cutter. One of the wings was perforated by rifle fire on this occasion.' From "The History of the Great European War: its causes and effects", Vol. IV, by W. Stanley Macbean Knight. [Caxton Pulishing Company, Limited, London, 1919]


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  1. William Stanley Macbean Knight: : Writer, author
  2. Caxton Publishing Company: English: Publisher, publishers, publishing
  1. Photograph
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  2. --- Asia
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