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'B. Bergami', c1820. Creator: Charles-Philibert de Lasteyrie.

'B. Bergami', c1820. Creator: Charles-Philibert de Lasteyrie.

2-710-616 - The Print Collector/Heritage Images

'B. Bergami', c1820. Portrait of Bartolommeo Bergami (c1783-1842), Italian servant and companion of Queen Caroline (1768-1821, also known as Caroline of Brunswick, consort of King George IV). The pair were alleged to have had an adulterous affair which was one of the grounds used by George IV to have his marriage to Caroline dissolved and her title revoked. From an album containing portraits and satirical caricatures related to Queen Caroline's trial in 1820.


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  1. 0580036171
  1. 2-710-616
  1. 2710616

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Image Information

  1. Charles-Philibert de Lasteyrie, attributed to: French: Artist, printmaker, lithographer
  1. Bartolommeo Bergami, Barone della Francina: Italian:
People Related
  1. Caroline of Brunswick: German: Queen Consort of George IV
  1. Lithograph
Picture Type
  1. Portrait

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