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'James Earl of Morton', 1785. Creator: Unknown.

'James Earl of Morton', 1785. Creator: Unknown.

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'James Earl of Morton', 1785. James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton (c1516-1581), the last of the four regents of Scotland during the minority of King James VI, executed by Maiden, an early guillotine, which he himself was said to have introduced to Scotland. From "The History of England" by Paul de Rapin-Thoyras. [Harrison, London, England]


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  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton: British, Scottish: Regent of Scotland
People Related
  1. Paul de Rapin: French: Historian, writer, author
  2. John Harrison: British: Printer and publisher
  3. King James I: British, Scottish: King of England
  1. Engraving
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  1. Portrait

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