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'J Comyns Cole', 1893. Creator: William Roffe.

'J Comyns Cole', 1893.  Creator: William Roffe.

2-710-458 - The Print Collector/Heritage Images

'J Comyns Cole', 1893. Portrait of British van driver J Comyns Cole who 'superintended, with punctuality and despatch, the delivery, month by month, of sundry large or small parcels of sporting intelligence'. From "Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes", Vol. LIX. [Vinton & Co Ltd, London, 1893]


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  1. 0580040238
  1. 2-710-458
  1. 2710458

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Image Information

  1. William Roffe, attributed to: : Artist, engraver
  1. Robinson & Sons: British: Photographers
  1. J Comyns Cole: British: Van driver
People Related
  1. Vinton & Co: : Publisher, publishers
  1. Engraving
Picture Type
  1. Portrait

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