'Masquerade Ticket', 1727, (1827). Creator: Unknown.

'Masquerade Ticket', 1727, (1827). Creator: Unknown.

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'Masquerade Ticket', 1727, (1827). Mock entrance ticket to a licentious masquerade with erotic symbolism: a statue of Priapus with antlers below; the figure of Time is stabbed by a bishop and a butcher, his blood pouring into a bowl held by a monkey in a surplice; Venus and Cupid, pointing his arrow towards the revellers, with hearts burning in a fire underneath; 'Lecherometers' including the words expectation, hope, hot, desire, moist; a clock with the head of Heidegger, its hands labelled 'Wit' and 'Impertinence', flanked by a lion and unicorn holding their tails in a masturbatory gesture. Engraving after the original made in 1727 by Hogarth. From "The Works of Wiliam Hogarth", Volume II, by The Rev. John Trusler. [J. Goodwin, London, 1827]


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  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. William Hogarth: British, English: Artist, painter, printmaker , engraver
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  1. John Trusler: British: Author, writer, historian, clergyman
  2. J. Goodwin: : Publisher, publishers
  1. Engraving

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