'Lord Anson', (1829). Creator: J Jenkins.

'Lord Anson', (1829).  Creator: J Jenkins.

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'Lord Anson', (1829). Portrait of English naval commander George Anson, Baron Anson (1697-1762). Anson commanded a Royal Navy squadron of 6 ships sent to attack Spanish interests in South America at the outset of the War of Austrian Succession in September 1740. The expedition failed to achieve its military objective, 5 of the ships were lost and many of the crews succumbed to shipwreck and scurvy. Anson and the survivors aboard the remaining ship, the 'Centurion', arrived back in England in June 1744, having circumnavigated the globe. He was created a Baron after his victory over the French at the Battle of Cape Finisterre in 1747 and was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty in 1751. [Thomas Kelly, London, 1829]


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  1. J Jenkins, attributed to: British: Artist, engraver
  1. Jan Wandelaar: Dutch: Artist, painter, engraver, printmaker, etcher, draughtsman
  1. George Anson, 1st Baron Anson: British, English: Admiral in the British Navy, sailor
  1. Engraving
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  1. Portrait

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