'The Original War Cabinet, 1939', (1945). Creator: Unknown.

'The Original War Cabinet, 1939', (1945). Creator: Unknown.

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'The Original War Cabinet, 1939', (1945). British politicians at the start of the Second World War. Standing from left to right: Sir John Anderson, Lord Hankey, Leslie Hore-Belisha, Winston Churchill, Sir Kingsley Wood, Anthony Eden, Sir Edward Bridges. Seated from left to right: Lord Halifax, Sir John Simon, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, Sir Samuel Hoare and Lord Chatfield. From "The Life and Times of Winston Churchill", by Malcolm Thomson. [Odhams Press Limited, London]

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  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. Sir Winston Churchill: British: Politician, Prime Minister, artist, painter
  2. Sir John Anderson: British, Scottish: Administrator, statesman, Governor of Bengal
  3. Maurice Hankey: British: Civil servant
  4. Leslie Hore-Belisha: British: Politician
  5. Howard Kingsley Wood: English: Politician
  6. Robert Anthony Eden: British: Politician, statesman, first Earl of Avon
  7. Edward Bridges: British: Civil servant
  8. Edward Frederick Linley Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax: British: Statesman
  9. John Allsebrook Simon: British: Politician, statesman
  10. Neville Chamberlain: British: Statesman, prime minister
  11. Sir Samuel Hoare: British: Statesman
  12. Ernle Chatfield: British: Royal Navy officer, politician
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  1. Malcolm Thomson: British: Author, writer

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  1. Portrait

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