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'Christian IV', (1933). Creator: Unknown.

'Christian IV', (1933).  Creator: Unknown.

2-702-424 - The Print Collector/Heritage Images

'Christian IV', (1933). Portrait of Christian IV of Denmark (1577-1648), king of Denmark-Norway, Duke of Holstein and Schleswig. His 59-year reign is the longest of Danish monarchs, and of Scandinavian monarchies. After a miniature by Eric Utterhielm. From "Gestalten Der Weltgeschichte", a book of cigarette-card portrait miniatures of figures in world history from the last four hundred years. [Germany, 1933]


Image Aliases

  1. 0580062689
  1. 2-702-424
  1. 2702424

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Pixel Dimensions (W x H) : 3947x5664
File Size : 65496kb

Image Information

  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. Eric Utterhielm: Swedish: Artist, painter
  1. Christian IV, King of Denmark: Danish: King
Picture Type
  1. Portrait
  2. Cigarette card

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