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Charles VIII, King of France, (c1820s). Artist: Maurin.

Charles VIII, King of France, (c1820s). Artist: Maurin.

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'Charles VIII. Roi de France', Charles VIII, King of France, (c1820s). Charles VIII of France (1470-1498) became king in 1483. His reign is best remembered for his ultimately unsuccessful attempt to assert his claim to the throne of Naples, which set in motion the Italian Wars that would drag on intermittently for over 50 years.


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  1. 2-693-108
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  1. Maurin, attributed to: : Artist
  1. Leonardo da Vinci: Italian: Artist, architect, inventor, painter, draughtsman
  1. Charles VIII, King of France: French: King
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  1. François-Séraphin Delpech: French: Artist, printmaker, lithographer, author, writer
  1. Lithograph
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  1. Portrait

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