'I'm A Firegirl', 1940. Artist: Unknown.

'I'm A Firegirl', 1940. Artist: Unknown.

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'I'm A Firegirl', 1940. From I'm A Firegirl, booklet on the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS), in Tuck's Better Little Book series. The Auxiliary Fire Service was formed in 1938 in Britain as part of the Civil Defence Service to supplement the work of brigades at local level. Members of the AFS were unpaid part-time volunteers, but could be called up for whole-time paid service if necessary. Men and women could join, the latter mainly in an administrative role. The illustrations in “I’m A Firegirl” depict what were seen as traditional feminine qualities, (caring, nurturing, making tea!) but also show women being disciplined and efficient. [< Name not Found! >., London, 1940]


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  1. Raphael Tuck: : Artist, cartoonist, printer, publisher
  2. Raphael Tuck & Sons: British: Printing/publishing company

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