'Maria Louisa and the King of Rome', 1812, (1896). Artist: Charles J. State.

'Maria Louisa and the King of Rome', 1812, (1896). Artist: Charles J. State.

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'Maria Louisa and the King of Rome', 1812, (1896). Austrian archduchess Marie Louise (1791-1847), Napoleon's second wife, with their son Napoléon François Charles Joseph Bonaparte (1811-1832), Prince Imperial, King of Rome. Napoleon had divorced Josephine as she was unable to give him a male heir, but Napoléon François died aged 21. Engraving after the painting by François Gérard. From Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Volume III, by William Milligan Sloane. [The Century Co., New York, 1896]

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  1. Charles J. State, attributed to: American: Artist, engraver, printmaker, illustrator
  1. Francois Pascal Simon Gerard: French: Artist, painter
  1. Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma: Austrian: Archduchess
  2. Napoleon II: French: Emperor (Briefly)
People Related
  1. Napoleon Bonaparte I: Corsican: Emperor, soldier, politician
  2. William Milligan Sloane: American: author, educator, historian

  1. Engraving

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  1. Portrait

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People Royalty

People Famous People

Artistic Representations Portraits

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