Model Ship, 17th century. Artist: Unknown.

Model Ship, 17th century. Artist: Unknown.

2-668-652 - © Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford/Heritage Images

Model Ship, 17th century. Model ship with hull carved from solid oak and rigged with a bowsprit and three masts. There are 6 guns on each broadside. The model represents a small vessel, probably a merchant ship, c1605-30. Dimensions: length: 61 cmheight: keel to main deck 13 cmheight: beam 13.5 cm


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  1. 0870000013
  1. 2-668-652
  1. 2668652
  1. AN1836 p.123.59
  1. AN1685 B.758
  1. AN_1685_B_758-a

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  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. Wood
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