Valeriano Weyler, (1839-1930), 1920s. Artist: Unknown

Valeriano Weyler, (1839-1930), 1920s. Artist: Unknown

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Valeriano Weyler, born 1839, fought in the first Cuban war. He ruled the Great Antilla from February 1896 to October 1897, distinguished by its cruelty. In October 26th 1896, he forced the peasants to relocate to cities, which resulted in the death by starvation of many of them. He died in 1931. Cigar card from the History of Cuba, Geografico Universal, Propaganda de los Cigarros Susini y La Corona, Tabacalera Cubana.

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  1. Valeriano Weyler: Spanish: general, Governor General of the Philippines and Cuba

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