The Yalta Conference, Crimea, USSR, 4-11 February, 1945. Artist: Anon

The Yalta Conference, Crimea, USSR, 4-11 February, 1945.  Artist: Anon

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The Yalta Conference, Crimea, USSR, 4-11 February, 1945. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965), US President Franklin D Roosevelt (1882-1945), and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin (1879-1953). Standing behind the Allied leaders are their foreign ministers, Anthony Eden (1897-1977), Edward Stettinius, Jr (1900-1949) and Vyacheslav Molotov (1890-1986). Yalta determined the shape the world geopolitical order would take after the Second World War.

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  1. Anon, attributed to: :
  1. Sir Winston Churchill: British: Politician, Prime Minister, artist, painter
  2. Franklin D Roosevelt: American: President of USA
  3. Joseph Stalin: Russian: President of Russia, Secretary-General of the Communist Party
  4. Robert Anthony Eden: British: Politician, statesman, first Earl of Avon
  5. Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Molotov: Russian, Soviet: politician, Foreign Minister
  6. Edward Reilly Stettinius Jr: American: politician, Secretary of State

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