'Friedrich Nietzsche', 1906. Artist: Edvard Munch

'Friedrich Nietzsche', 1906. Artist: Edvard Munch

1-274-832 - Art Media/Heritage Images

'Friedrich Nietzsche', 1906. Portrait of the German 19th century philosopher. From the Stockholm Collection.


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  1. 0510002590
  1. 1-274-832
  1. 1274832
  1. P12338

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Pixel Dimensions (W x H) : 3582x4875
File Size : 51,159kb

Image Information

  1. Edvard Munch, attributed to: Norwegian: Artist, painter, draughtsman
  1. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche: German: Philosopher
  1. Oil
Picture Type
  1. Portrait

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