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The Mercury Seven astronauts, 1959. Artist: Unknown

The Mercury Seven astronauts, 1959. Artist: Unknown

1-154-934 - NASA/Oxford Science Archive/Heritage Images

The Mercury Seven astronauts, 1959. A group photo in spacesuits of the seven test pilots chosen in April 1959 to participate in Project Mercury, NASA's manned space project. The astronauts are: (front row, left to right) Walter Schirra, Donald Slayton, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, (back row, left to right) Alan Shepard, Virgil Grissom and Gordon Cooper.


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  1. 0460000039
  1. 1-154-934
  1. 1154934
  1. 39
  1. SPA/C000297

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Image Information

  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. Gordon Cooper: American: Astronaut
  2. Donald Slayton: American: Astronaut
  3. Walter Schirra: American: Astronaut
  4. John Glenn: American: Astronaut
  5. Scott Carpenter: American: Astronaut
  6. Alan Shepard: American: Astronaut
  7. Gus Grissom: American: Astronaut
  1. Photograph
Picture Type
  1. Portrait

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