'The Lions Just Share', 1882. Artist: Joseph Swain

'The Lions Just Share', 1882. Artist: Joseph Swain

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'The Lions Just Share', 1882. The British Lion stands proudly on his Egyptian captive. He is watched by Italy, a French poodle, the Russian Bear, Spain, Germany and the two headed eagle of Austria. Turkey is depicted as a cowering fox. There had recently been an uprising in Egypt led by Colonel Arabi in protest at European intervention in Egyptian affairs. Turkey had recently been excluded from an agreement that left the six European powers to protect the operation of the Suez Canal. Britain had led the way in putting down the uprising. From Punch, or the London Charivari, September 30, 1882.

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  1. 30/9/1882
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  1. 30/9/1882
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  1. Joseph Swain, attributed to: British: Engraver
  1. John Tenniel: British: Artist, illustrator, painter

  1. Engraving

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  1. Caricature
  2. Satire

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